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Baton Rouge Excavation Services

Baton Rouge Excavation

There is a lot in a name and our name explains it all. Axis Contractors, LLC is the answer for the people of Baton Rouge and all their excavation needs. Our experience is something our clients can rely on. We are one of the most experienced and efficient companies in the Baton Rouge area and are known for our quality of service. Please have a look at all the services we offer.

Baton Rouge Driveway Removal

Is your Baton Rouge driveway old and cracked? This happens to all driveways over time. Most of the time driveway issues are due to drainage problems. Water on the surface freezes and thaws weakening the surface integrity. Eventually small cracks form allowing the water to get underneath and destroy the foundation; making the driveway unable to properly support the weight of your vehicle.

Baton Rouge Pond Digging or Filling

Few additions beautify a landscape like a pond. It creates a little piece of paradise on your property. With the possibility of many different types of fish and plant life a pond brings the calming features of natural serenity to your backyard. Axis Contractors, LLC can dig out your plot to the exact specifications of the design team flawlessly and efficiently. As a company that has been excavating for many years we know how to expertly prepare the site for both the pond and the watershed/drainage area.


When it comes to demolition Axis Contractors, LLC offers the most competitive rates in the business. We have performed hundreds of demolition projects and all this experience has made us perfect the art. Our engineers are experts at understanding the quickest and safest way to demolish almost any structure. You will be surprised at how effective a focused amount of hydraulic pressure is at dismantling your Baton Rouge structure.